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Upcoming events: May 2023

UPCOMING EVENTS: May 2023 If you’ve been with Dragon City for some time, you’ll know by now that May is a special month for all of us and our dragons… It’s Dragon City’s Birthday!

May comes with some special surprises, but we won’t reveal them just yet.

In the meantime, take a look at the Calendar to find out which Events will be running for the upcoming month!

29 Apr - 3 May: Silhouette Runner Island (Underworld Gala)

New Dragon: Silhouette Dragon

1 May - 4 May: Gala Maze Island (Underworld Gala)

New Dragon: Sharp Poise Dragon

4 May - 15 May: Race de Mayo Heroic Race

New Dragon: High Cinco Dragon

6 May - 9 May: Chaos Fog Island (Race de Mayo)

New Dragon: Chaos Dragon

10 May - 14 May: Puebla Maze Island (Race de Mayo)

New Dragon: Puebla Dragon

15 May - 18 May: Reborn Tower Island (Reborn Retold)

New Dragon: Planpain Dragon

18 May - 29 May: Magic Maze Island (Reborn Retold)

New Dragon: Emperor Penguin Dragon

19 May - 24 May: Reborn Retold Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Bigcake Dragon

24 May - 28 May: Ether-Runner Island (Reborn Retold)

New Dragon: Ether Cube Dragon

29 May - 5 June: Island of Souls (Soul Searchers)

New Dragon: Soul Dragon

29 May - 3 June: Soul Searchers Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Almaighty Dragon

And remember, that’s not everything we’ve got in store for you this month; stay tuned for more info!