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Upcoming events: April 2023


Hello Dragon Masters,

Ready to leave the dark winter days behind and see some new dragons wake up to the sweet smell of spring? Discover the new adventures that await you this month in Dragon City!

30 Mar - 10 Apr: Guardian of Eggs Heroic Race New Dragon: High Nest Dragon

1 Apr - 4 Apr: Guardian Fog Island (Guardian of Eggs) New Dragon: Eggsodus Dragon

5 Apr - 9 Apr: Guardian Maze Island (Guardian of Eggs) New Dragon: Eggsile Dragon

6 Apr - 4 May: Divine Pass: Arcana - Season 5: Hermit’s Reflection New Dragon: Arcana Hermit Dragon

10 Apr - 13 Apr: Hailstone Tower Island (Spring into Action) New Dragon: Hailstone Dragon

13 Apr - 14 Apr: Spring into Action Maze Island New Dragon: Bloom Dragon

14 Apr - 19 Apr: Spring into Action Puzzle Island New Dragon: Undergrowth Dragon

19 Apr - 23 Apr: Hibernation Runner Island (Spring into Action) New Dragon: Hibernation Dragon

24 Apr - 29 Apr: Underworld Gala Puzzle Island New Dragon: Avant-Garde Dragon

24 Apr - 1 May: Underworld Gala Grid Island New Dragon: Empire Wasteland Dragon

29 Apr - 3 May: Underworld Gala Runner Island New Dragon: Silhouette Dragon

1 May - 4 May: Underworld Gala Maze Island New Dragon: Sharp Poise Dragon