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Ascended Collection

The existence of your Dragonverse is in danger, Dragon Masters… The doors to the Ascended Realm have opened once more, and Ascended dragons need your help. Their leader, the High Ascended Supreme Dragon, has been coaxed into triggering the Eternal Day, thus wiping out entire dragon populations!

You have the power to prevent this from happening by taking part in the Arc of Ascension event!


From June 20th until July 18th, participate in the Arc of Ascension Collection by collecting Supreme Insignias and completing milestones to earn amazing rewards, including the High Ascended Supreme Dragon’s new Supreme Skill Skin and Orbs to Empower him.

Supreme Insignias can be found in the Event Islands, Quests, and Offers (both in-game and on our Official Webstore).


Rewards are waiting for you at each milestone of the Arc of Ascension Collection!

  • Collect Supreme Insignias > Complete it for a chance to earn Heroic Joker Orbs and Heroic Trading Essences;

  • Visit the Ascended Realm > Complete it for a chance to earn Orbs of Ascended dragons;

  • Locate the Ascended leader > Complete it for a chance to earn Orbs of the High Ascended Supreme Dragon and Ascended dragon eggs;

  • Try the Supreme Skill Skin! > Complete it to obtain 500 Orbs of the High Ascended Supreme Dragon and his new special Supreme Skill Skin!


Boost the High Ascended Supreme Dragon's overall damage stat and life points by 30% with the Supreme Skill Skin!

Please restart your game for this to take effect.