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Behold the power of the new Mythical rarity!

Mythical Rarity

As history remembers, Mythical dragons have always shared the spotlight with Legendary dragons, but the time has come for them to claim their own rarity… Behold the power of the new Mythical rarity!

We are aware that this change will affect various parts of the Dragonverse, so let us guide you through everything there is to know to welcome Mythicals the right way.


With the introduction of the new rarity, all Category 10 Legendary dragons will automatically be grouped under their own unique rarity and badge: the Mythicals!

Mythical badge

NOTE: Although these Mythical dragons will now be clearly positioned between Legendary and Heroic dragons, this change will not affect their power or stats – these will be the same as before.


To make it easier to find your Mythical dragons, we have added a new Mythical rarity filter to your Dragon Book, Tree of Life, and Battle Team Selection.

Filter by the Mythical rarity to see the available dragons.


A new rarity means new resources! The Mythical rarity comes with its own dragon Orbs, Joker Orbs, and Trade Essences.

You can recognize them by their pink color.

Mythical orbMythical joker orbMythical trade essence

Mythical Orbs & Joker Orbs, as well as Mythical Trade Essences, will be distributed across the game so that you’ll be able to find them, just like any other Orbs and Trade Essences, inside Event Islands and Offers. They will soon also be included in additional areas of the game.


To better differentiate the Legendary and Mythical rarities, we have made some adjustments to the number of Orbs required to summon a Mythical dragon and the number of Orbs obtained when trading Essences.

  • The number of Orbs required to summon a Mythical dragon has increased from 100 to 150.

  • The number of Orbs required to summon a Mythical dragon belonging to a Divine Pass Season or a VIP Offer remains unchanged at 200 Orbs.

  • The number of Legendary Orbs you can trade when using Legendary Trade Essences has increased from 6 to 7.

  • The number of Mythical Orbs you can trade when using Mythical Trade Essences remains unchanged at 6.

Please note that the Orbs of Mythical dragons you already own will automatically be changed from Legendary to Mythical dragon Orbs – you will not lose them.

Currently, we have 150+ Mythical dragons, and you can find a full list of them here.


The Mythical rarity will be introduced to Dragon City on or around February 28th, 2024 (the exact release date may be subject to change).

In light of the changes mentioned above, if you were planning to use your Legendary Joker Orbs to Summon or Empower your Mythical dragons or to use your Legendary Trade Essences to trade Mythical dragon Orbs, we encourage you to do so before the Mythical rarity comes into effect.

Both Summon and Empower Happy Hours will be available throughout this time to help you along with this.

Additionally, we would like to highlight that, from the release date, Mythical resources are planned to be made available inside upcoming events to make it easier for you to start collecting these new items.

Follow our social media and check the in-game news to be notified about the release of the new Mythical rarity!