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Corrupted Timeline

Corrupted Timeline

It's been some 'time' since the High Corrupted Time Dragon made its mark on the Dragonverse... Where has it been, and what corrupt things has it been cooking up?

This famous manipulator of time and space has returned from various explorations in different timelines, and it doesn't like what it saw...

After visiting a dystopian world where Plasma dragons rule the Dragonverse, the High Corrupted Time Dragon is back with more power than ever to ensure it's always on top, no matter the price.

Its plan? To corrupt hundreds of timelines by leaving Corrupted Insignias strewn across the universe. Dragon Masters, it's your job to travel at the speed of light and find these Insignias before they cause too much damage.

And if you succeed, there is said to exist a special Corrupted Monument destined only for Dragon Masters who have managed to tame all Corrupted beasts! Get your hands on this exclusive item before the High Corrupted Dragon itself and show off your control of the Corrupted.

However, beware of its newfound power... By traveling through various dimensions, the High Corrupted Time Dragon has formed a unique outer Skill Skin from particle matter; the Dimension Skill Skin. 👀

From January 24th to  February 28th, participate in the Corrupted Timeline event to obtain huge rewards, such as the High Corrupted Time Dragon, and read on to learn about its new powers and how to obtain its new Skin! →


Collect Corrupted Insignias to complete the collection.

For the whole duration of the event, Corrupted Insignias can be found in different areas of the game:

  • In the following Events Islands:

  1. Twisted Tale Runner Island (January 24th to 28th)

  2. Every Sweet Revenge Event Island (January 29th to February 8th)

  3. Every Star-crossed Lovers Event Island (February 8th to 19th)

  4. Mystery in Paradise Tower Island (February 19th to 22nd)

  5. Mystery in Paradise Puzzle Island (February 23rd to 28th)

  • In Corrupted Quests and Offers

  • On the Webstore


Complete the Corrupted Timeline collection to earn tons of rewards.

Reach different milestones to earn rewards of increasing value:

  • Milestone 1 “Collect Corrupted Insignias” > Open the Bronze Chest to earn Heroic Joker Orbs and Heroic Trade Essences;

  • Milestone 2 “Corrupt your timeline” > Open the Silver Chest to earn Orbs of the Corrupted dragons;

  • Milestone 3 “Travel across dimensions” > Open the Gold Chest to obtain Corrupted dragons and Orbs of the High Corrupted Time Dragon;

  • Milestone 4 “Try the Dimension Skill Skin!” > Obtain the special Dimensional Skill Skin and 500 Orbs of the High Corrupted Time Dragon.

And collect all existing Corrupted dragons to complete a new Dragon Book Collection and be rewarded with the exclusive Corrupted Monument! 🏆


The new Dimension Skill Skin is the ultimate prize born from the High Corrupted Time Dragon's relentless training.

By simply owning the Dimension Skill Skin, your High Corrupted Time Dragon will deal boosted damage for its Corrupted Fangs skill, and its overall damage stat will be boosted! ✨

Remember to restart your game once you’ve obtained the Skin for this to take effect.

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