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Cup Quests Update

As part of the recent changes we are making to keep Dragon City fun to play, we are happy to announce that we’re giving Cup Quests a highly requested update!

Here’s everything you need to know:

No more timers

With this update, you won’t need to wait for hours to be able to head into the next battle: we’re eliminating timers so that you can keep playing your Cup Quests without interruptions.

Difficulty and requirements rebalance

After careful analysis of the level of difficulty and the requirements needed to be able to play the Cup Quests, we’ve implemented new difficulty and requirement systems that will allow you to progress more organically and will keep Cup Quests exciting and interesting to play. For example, from now on, any specific required dragons to play a Cup Quest will be breedable.

Rewards rebalance

Cup Quests reward players with tons of experience to help them level up, so we have rebalanced the amount of experience rewarded along the quests and within their stages to better match the amount of time it currently takes to level up.

We hope you enjoy this update! As always, let us know what you think of these changes. And if you are among the Dragon Masters who have already conquered all of the available Cup Quests… stay tuned! 😉