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Dragon City Update – New Speed Stat

Something big has landed in Dragon City… Welcome the new Speed stat; a new mechanic for all dragons, which you can use in battle to your advantage!

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Speed stat:

What is Speed?

Every dragon has its individual Speed stat, similar to its Life Points and Damage. This Speed stat will be crucial in battle. Faster dragons, with a higher Speed than their opponent, will attack first, and slower dragons, with a lower Speed than their opponent, will attack second.

A dragon’s Speed is affected by several factors:

  • Rarity

  • Level

  • Empowerment

  • Rank

How will Speed affect battles?

In every round of attacks, the active dragon from each team will have a turn to attack, with the fastest dragon attacking first. The round ends once both dragons have attacked. The Speed of the active dragons on the battlefield is compared in every round of attacks, thus the fastest dragon attacks first in each round.

If your dragon is both stronger and faster than your opponent’s then you’ve got the win in the bag! But remember, Speed isn’t everything… Having the faster dragon is certainly an advantage but it doesn’t guarantee a victory. Your team may be faster, but your opponents may be more powerful – watch out for higher dragon levels or critical element match-ups.

Try out the new Speed stat and use this opportunity to review your battle strategies, ensuring you have the perfect plan for any enemy team you encounter. Dragon Speed aims to give the Dragonverse and its inhabitants a new angle of play – your beasts can specialize in varying battle mechanics, such as being the fastest attacker or the strongest counter-attacker!

Make sure to test out new team combinations to find out how your dragons, especially those with special Skills, work in tandem with faster or slower dragons. You’ll be surprised at the synergies between dragons!

Speed also eliminates any random variables in battle, making the battle easier to follow, as well as making the battle quicker. You can now complete more battles in a shorter amount of time, allowing for more concentrated and strategized battling fun!