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HEROIC TALES EPISODE #4 - Rise of the Norn

Who's ready for a special episode of a Heroic Tale? Learn about the origins of the newest VIP Heroic dragon... The High Redemption Norn Dragon! Find her in the current Season of the Divine Pass and enjoy HEROIC TALES | EPISODE #4 - Rise of the Norn.

“The Redemption Ring don’t like to draw attention to themselves; they prefer to go about their business under the radar. They are too busy making amends for the atrocities they committed to worry about the Shadows of the Occult or the Eternal Day.

The High Redemption Norn Dragon’s story, however, is far more inflammatory than those of her Redemption cousins.

As of today, she’s been freed from her chains of guilt. She did it. She has achieved what no other Redemption dragon has been able to yet. It took huge acts of bravery and years of selfless actions to be considered worthy of a Heroic status. Of course, these acts of selflessness HAD to be mighty, if they intended to counteract her unforgettable sins.

But this does beg the question, what was she guilty of in the first place?

Many years ago, Norn – as she was known before her Arc of Redemption – tended to Yggdrasil, drawing water from her sacred well to ensure this mighty beast and his Tree of Life were always well nourished. The lush Forests of Life occasionally suffered from Corrupted rot, so Norn hydrated the greenery far and wide.

Dragons from all over would come to gaze at powerful Yggdrasil and the emerald green foliage, but who came to give thanks to the one providing them with nutrients? Not a soul. Norn saw visitors come and go without so much of a “thank you” for her hard work.

Jealous of the attention, and tired of her work going unappreciated, Norn's patience had run out. She no longer wanted to be invisible.

By adding just a few drops of the Corrupted Nature Dragon’s toxic nectar to Yggdrasil’s water, Norn changed the course of history. The first to fall was Yggdrasil himself, followed by his Tree of Life, until every Tree in every Forest had absorbed the poison and succumbed to this liquid death, disappearing from the Dragonverse forever. Dragon Masters will know that it took years for Yggdrasil and a single Tree of Life to return to their City; although, because of Norn, the Forests never fully regrew…

Norn didn't mean for her actions to be so catastrophic; she only wanted a bit of recognition, but the deed was done, and the guilt became too much. After turning herself into the Ascended, her Arc of Redemption began.

In modern-day Dragon City, Norn faces a decision. She is now free to do as she wants, but an interesting crossroad of morals has presented itself.

Does she use her new Heroic status for good and form an alliance with the High Master Karma or High Ascended Supreme dragons? Or does she head to the High Corrupted Time Dragon’s lair now she’s got a taste for causing mass disruption?

Maybe you can help her rise to the Ascended Realm with the Risen Skill Skin, or will you bring out the Chaos element within her and let her fall with the Fallen Skill Skin? You decide, Dragon Master!”