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HEROIC TALES | EPISODE #6 - Karma’s a Snitch

 EPISODE #6 - Karma’s a Snitch

🆕 Thanks to your tons of votes, the High Master Karma Dragon was a clear winner from the start and the most popular choice in our Official Discord Server poll to decide the next Heroic Tale! He’s one of the most powerful dragons but where does he come from? Find out in HEROIC TALES | EPISODE #6 - Karma’s a Snitch. 🧿

✨ “Patience. Power. Generosity. Duty. Justice. These are the virtues practiced and perfected by the High Master Karma Dragon.

Simply known as ‘Master’ to his followers, this valiant hero has become quite the famous face in Dragon City. By simultaneously leading the war against time-bending corruption and enabling a Collective force of Karma warriors, Master is revered and respected by many.

But life wasn’t always so full of admiration for Master. Let’s cast ourselves back to a simpler time, when a grand and pristine temple stood atop some faraway mountains, and only the sound of the chimes could be heard ringing high above the clouds. Everything was zen.

Classes were every day, training was tough, and the evaluations were endless. The ancient Karma spirits would not stop until they had found their prodigy and fulfilled the prophecy to save the world.

Every student was equally as capable, and a young Master was no exception. He excelled in most things, and he enjoyed the peace and serenity that came with this life that had been chosen for him.

Upon completion of each virtue, the students were rewarded with a mystical marble to be worn around their necks. Most accumulated three, as the mental toll to acquire any more would be too much, and with graduation around the corner, Master wore his four marbles with pride.

Now fully-fledged Masters of Karma, each dragon was assigned a role, every one as important as the other to ensure the future of this secret organization.

Master was to become the leader of the temple – a noble role indeed – while his other classmate, achiever of five mystical marbles, was chosen by the Karma spirits to be their warrior. The prophecy’s warrior, of course.

Everything was fitting into place, that was until the Warrior got sick. Master watched from the sidelines, worried about his friend. Master remembers bringing some remedies to the Warrior’s chambers only to find an empty bed and an open window… The Karma spirits were both confused and furious, who would fulfill their prophecy now?

Master offered himself to replace the lost Warrior. This was first met with doubt from the spirits but Master proved himself to be a worthy choice. He mastered anti-corrupted battle techniques and word of his new powers spread across the Dragonverse; occult and voodoo beasts alike were on edge.

Back in present-day Dragon City, Master always fights for what is good and true. He makes the Karma spirits proud, gives hope to the new students of the temple, and his Karma Collective brings light to the darkest corners of Dragonverse.

Happy ending, right? Some eagle-eyed Dragon Masters have spotted that Master, in fact, wears five mystical marbles – one more than it is said he earned. No one has yet dared to question Master about this, even though this may be one of the biggest unspoken mysteries in Dragon City.

It is said there exists an ancient mask, or ‘skin’ as it is known today, that holds the power to turn one’s soul dark, jealous, and vengeful.

This mask is lightweight, it could easily be tossed through an open window and become caught in an updraft to never be seen again. There would be no trace of anyone having ever used it.” ✨

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