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HEROIC TALES | EPISODE #7- Terror on the High Seas

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🆕 Discover a brand new Heroic Tale based on the winning submission of our Storytelling Contest! This lucky Dragon Master’s epic story is now officially part of the Dragon City universe – Lost at sea? Don’t fret, the High Marauder Dragon will kindly lend you a hand…or hook, in HEROIC TALES | EPISODE #7 - Terror on the High Seas! 🌊 🪝

✨ “Raiding islands, sinking ships, stealing treasure… Some things the High Marauder Dragon never thought he could be capable of, but now, it’s simply second nature.

Most seafarers aren’t born with this innate sense of corruption – Marauder was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and who could have known this would end in him being one of the most feared dragons on the Seven Seas?

Marauder had come from a wealthy family – he traveled from coast to coast on their private vessel with good food, luxury items, and a sense of pure opulence. Sounds dreamy, right? Unfortunately, this also made them the perfect target for some greedy pirates.

The raid was over in a few minutes. Screams, cries, crashes, and thuds. His family was gone, his home was destroyed, and Marauder accepted his inevitable fate. But someone, or something, in the universe, had different plans for him. This wasn’t the end for this young dragon, although, in hindsight, maybe it should have been.

The pirates set Marauder to work on their own grotty vessel. Greasy kitchen duties, disease-ridden pest control, and even slimy foot rubs were part of his daily tasks… He was never mistreated, though. He was given a bed and food in return for his hard work. Marauder had to learn to stand up for himself. He began to learn the brutish ways of the crew, slowly gaining respect for his resilience and determination. Years of being pushed around had really toughened Marauder up!

He began to lead the raids and fight on the frontline against enemy ships or unsuspecting travelers. Marauder was slowly becoming the thing he used to fear most; the thing that tore his family apart. And if rations were running low, Marauder would make sure the crew’s headcount was reduced…

Fast forward a few years and Marauder now commands his own fleet of unsinkable ships with hundreds of loyal crew members at his disposal, with the Swashbuckler Dragon being his most successful protégé to date. His control of the Seven Seas is never questioned. His treasure is vast, hidden in places far and wide, from the bottom of the abyss to the dunes of deserted islands. Experienced Dragon Masters will know that the pearls of the Porpoise Dragon are his prized possession!

After particularly choppy days at sea, Marauder’s crewmates often hear him grumbling about an old chum, a long-lost companion with whom he has some unfinished business. “The High Flyer Dragon”, he would mumble, has something that belongs to him, something that even a hook of pure gold cannot replace. Are you willing to give Marauder a hand, Dragon Masters, and help him find his ‘friend’?” ✨

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