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HEROIC TALES | EPISODE #8 - Taming a Whitetip - Chapter 1

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High Whitetip Chapter 1

🆕 Duh-duh, duh-duh, duh-duh.... There's something in the water, and it doesn't look friendly! 🦈 Prepare yourself for the strong currents because, in just a few days, things will be going berserk in Dragon City. The first-ever Heroic Berserker dragon welcomes to its underwater Kingdom. Are you brave enough to accept its invitation? Find out more in Chapter 1 of a new Heroic Tale - ‘Taming a Whitetip’.😈

✨ "A pristine underwater Kingdom full of Gems, Gold, and riches, sounds like the perfect destination for inquisitive Dragon Masters, right? What if it were guarded by one of the most unpredictable, fearsome Heroic dragons around? Yet, the High Whitetip Berserker Dragon is more calculated than it appears; it reluctantly welcomes tasty 'visitors', but it doesn't let its Berserker blood get the better of it, for the most part...

Its Kingdom is treated as an extreme tourist hotspot. Explorers attempt to take selfies with this enraged creature as a souvenir of their bravery, but in reality, this dimly lit cavern often becomes a feeding frenzy for those Dragon Masters naive enough to enter the belly of the beast.

This was the case for one unlucky Alliance – a group of adventurers are currently stuck down there with no means of communication. Perhaps they bit off more than they can chew... 😉 Will they manage to escape? Find out in Chapter 2!"