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HEROIC TALES | EPISODE #8 - Taming a Whitetip - Chapter 2

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Heroic Tale Ep #8 - Chapter 2

Today's the day! 🦈 The High Whitetip Berserker Dragon has been released into your Dragon City waters and it's hungry! Find it in a special Season of the Divine Pass: Berserker Hunt, along with 2 new Skill Skins. Still wondering what happened to the group of Dragon Masters trapped in its Kingdom? Chapter 2 of 'Taming a Whitetip' is here!

✨ “Lost inside a labyrinth of underwater caverns with a Berserker beast on their tail, this Alliance's chance of survival is looking slim... But in the eyes of the High Whitetip Berserker Dragon, it's going to be well-fed tonight! It might even give the High Whisperer Dragon a call, after all, an offering to the Lord of Corruption never goes amiss.

Other Dragon Masters have alerted the authorities and the Trident Dragon is on her way to start a search and rescue, but only if she arrives in time.

Whitetip has now entered frenzy mode; it won't be long before it goes berserk and satisfies its hunger. However, there may be one unconventional way out of this... It has had his eyes on some special armor for a while now – two sets of clothing that would give it boosted power on the battlefield.

If you could locate such Skill Skins, then perhaps a trade-off with the lost Dragon Masters would suffice. Get to work and stay tuned for Chapter 3!"✨