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HEROIC TALES | EPISODE #8 - Taming a Whitetip - Chapter 3

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Heroic Tale Ep #8 - Chapter 2

We're halfway through the Berserker Hunt event, and some of you have already managed to reach the High Whitetip Berserker Dragon in the Elite Divine Pass. 🦈 Good work! If you're wondering what happened to the lost Alliance of Dragon Masters trapped in its underwater Kingdom, then look no further, Chapter 3 of 'Taming a Whitetip' is here!

✨ "Thanks to the efforts and teamwork of Dragon Masters all over the Dragonverse, Whitetip's unique Skill Skins were located! This precious armor proves very valuable to this beast; it knew that it existed, but never in its wildest dreams did it think he would get its hands on it!

Eyes wide with greedy delight, Whitetip was too focused on its newfound battle powers to remember its dinner – a perfect distraction for these trapped Dragon Masters to escape! As they swam their fastest out of its Kingdom of caverns, they breathed a sigh of relief. Never again would they attempt to visit such hostile habitats – a viral video isn't worth the risk!

But their celebrations were cut short... They heard an almighty roar coming from below and the result of their actions became clear. Whitetip stared from a distance in its new battle armor; it had entered hunter mode. Its maniacal snarl was the last thing they saw before it swam into the darkness.

Fortunately, the Alliance was lucky enough to escape, but at what cost? Granting the King of Berserkers unimaginable power can only mean one thing: The frenzy is just getting started…"✨