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New Dragon City Event - Welcome to Arena Rush!

A long time ago, ancient dragon battles were ruthless and brutal, and so, the most dangerous ancient battle techniques were banned, for the safety of the Dragonverse.

But now, with evil forces lurking in every corner and legendary beasts joining forces, it’s time to go on the offensive again. Are you ready for a new era of dragon battles? Welcome to Arena Rush!

Head to the Arenas and feel the Rush!

Rush is a new competitive event, found inside the Arenas, where Dragon Masters battle for a limited time in order to reach the top of the Rush Leaderboard and earn incredible rewards!

After each battle, you will receive Knock Out Points (or K.O. Points/KOPs) every time your team defeats an enemy dragon. The players with the most K.O. Points at the end of the event will score higher in the Rush Leaderboard.

And to keep things interesting, Rush will work similarly to the Heroic Race: players will be divided into groups, rather than competing globally, giving everyone a better chance to reach the highest positions on the Leaderboard!

Participate in Rush to earn amazing rewards!

There’s more than one reason to play Rush! At the end of every Rush event, you will receive amazing rewards based on: your final position on the Rush Leaderboard, the score tier you have reached, and the total amount of K.O. Points you accumulated during the event. These rewards can range from Trading Essences to all kinds of Perks!

Don’t forget to claim your rewards at the end of each Rush event! Of course, you will also continue to earn regular Arena rewards found in the Warrior’s Chests!

Only the strongest will prevail!

When Rush is active, the Arenas section of the Battle menu will feature a new timer that indicates how much time is left until the end of the current Rush event. Keep an eye on it so you don’t miss the opportunity to strike fast and accumulate as many K.O. Points as you need to shake up the Leaderboards!

Please note that Rush will be first released as a Beta version, therefore some players may notice differences in their gaming experience.