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Are you the best Dragon Master? Introducing new Event Leaderboards!

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Event leaderboards

Not all battles are won in the Arena, Dragon Masters. It's time to prove that you're the ultimate champion with a brand new way of competing... Introducing Event Leaderboards!

What are Event Leaderboards?

Event Leaderboards are a new feature in Dragon City in which you compete with other players to get to the top of the Leaderboard by playing the Event Islands, completing special missions, and earning Leaderboard Points all while the Leaderboard is live. Once the Leaderboard ends, you will receive rewards based on your final position on the Leaderboard.

But you didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you? Event Leaderboards will also include a Leaderboard Collection, where you’ll need to fight your way to the top and remain there to claim the best rewards!

Earn Leaderboard Points

To climb up the Leaderboard, you’ll need to get as many Leaderboard Points as you can. You’ll first need to earn enough Leaderboard Points to qualify for rewards, similar to Heroic Races or Arena Rush, and then you’ll need to earn more points than your competitors to get to the top of the Leaderboard.

You can earn Leaderboard Points by playing in the Event Islands, completing  Leaderboard missions, battling in special Leaderboard Quests, and more. The more you play, the more you earn!

Leaderboard Collection

Each Leaderboard Collection comprises several consecutive Event Leaderboards in which you will collect special items to complete the Leaderboard Collection and earn incredible rewards. You’ll want to get to the top of each Leaderboard to get the best rewards; if you succeed, you’ll not only get a new Mythical Dragon, but you will also be able to Empower it up to 3 stars and get its unique Skill Skin

Are you ready? Then head back to Dragon City and start earning points! Good luck, Dragon Masters!

Please note that Event Leaderboards will be first released as a Beta version, therefore some players may notice differences in their gaming experience and in the offered rewards.