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Plasma Dragons

Plasma Dragons

For years, bloodthirsty Vampire dragons and other life-stealing leeches have terrorized the City by draining the life from unsuspecting prey.

Well, the day has come when a new dragon species could finally prove to be the garlic-seasoned stake needed to put a stop to these immortal creatures.

After developing poisonous blood plasma, this group of dragons has evolved to be a toxic snack for any life-stealing predators. Meet the new Plasma Colony!


Plasma dragons are equipped with the unique Plasma Parasite Skill. Dragons that attempt to use a life-stealing skill against a Plasma dragon will, instead, be damaged themselves. This attacking dragon will not steal life and will not be healed.

The amount of damage the attacking dragon receives is the same total amount that they were attempting to steal.


There are 5 members of the Plasma Colony, 4 of which will be released during the upcoming months, starting with the powerful Altered Plasma Dragon! The Mythical 5th member of the Colony will be rewarded to all players that have collected the 4 previous Plasma dragons.

The new Plasma Parasite Skill is only activated when the Plasma dragon itself is attacked by a life-stealing skill.

HOWEVER, the Mythical 5th member of the Colony comes with an additional advantage; its Ruling Parasite Skill is activated when itself or any of its team is attacked by a life-stealing skill!

So, make sure to collect all Plasma dragons to get the special Mythical 5th beast for FREE!

Don’t forget to update your Dragon City game to the latest version available in your Official App Store for the new Plasma Colony to start spreading through your Islands!