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Pride Tale

🆕 Pride is in full swing in Dragon City and a special Pride Tale is here along with a new dragon! Love comes in many forms, dragon families come in all shapes and sizes, and the Found Family Dragon comes with a big, accepting hug! 🏳‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧ Read more here in the PRIDE TALE | SPECIAL EPISODE #2 - Chosen Bonds.

✨ “Feeling a bit lost or need a little love? The Found Family Dragon is here to welcome you with open arms! And during Pride month, what better time to share a tale of love and acceptance?

Aqua, Ember, and Root didn’t have an easy start to life. They all faced rejection from their biological dragon families just for being a little different or being true to who they were.

Aqua grew up in an underwater lair, confined to the company of other Sea dragons, and Sea dragons only, but when he started to grow closer to an Electric dragon, his family was not pleased. They didn’t believe in inter-elemental relationships, so they shunned Aqua from their Habitat.

Over on a more volcanic Island, Ember was having to endure her daily Flame training. Scorching heat, tectonic destruction, and pyroclastic power were the ways of her family, and if she dared renounce them, she knew she would no longer have a home. But a life of seeing red wasn’t what made her happy, so she left, in search of something kinder.

Deep inside the mangroves of another floating Island, our friend Root was also facing some hardship. Prejudice raises its ugly head inside even the most unsuspecting Habitats, and Root knew that better than anyone. Their peers would tease them and laugh at them, but their uniqueness wasn’t ready to conform to these silly ideals, so they packed their bags and never looked back.

Aqua, Ember, and Root never did end up lost or alone. They found each other, and their bonds grew strong. Together, with the Found Family Dragon, they became a family. After all, love has many forms, and so do families.

So no matter who you are, who you choose to be with, or how you identify, there's a safe space for you under a cozy dragon wing!

Find Aqua, Ember, Root, and the Found Family Dragon in your Dragon City, along with their exclusive Rainbow Heart Pin, during the Pride 2024 event.” ✨