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Speed Collection - Capture the Bolt Dragon and his Turbo Skill Skin!

Baby dragons are curious creatures, always wanting to explore... They've uncovered an ancient Boot belonging to the long-lost Bolt Dragon, unleashing Speed across the Dragonverse!

Speed Collection

From November 23rd to December 21st, 2023, collect Bolt Boots throughout Dragon City to complete milestones in the Speed Collection. During the event, Bolt Boots can be found in:

  • The Daily Reward Calendar

  • Missing Dragon Rescue

  • Quests

  • Arenas

  • Special Offers

  • Official Dragon City Webstore


Completing the Speed Collection means you can get tons of rewards! This is what waits for you at each milestone:

  • Milestone 1 “Uncover Bolt Boots” > Open this Chest for a chance to earn 25 Orbs of some of the fastest Dragons in Dragon City!

  • Milestone 2 “Unleash the Speed” > Open this Chest for a chance to earn 25 Orbs of the Bolt Dragon!

  • Milestone 3 “Catch the Bolt Dragon” >  Open this Chest to obtain a guaranteed Bolt Dragon

  • Milestone 4 “Try out the Turbo Skin!” > Open this Chest to obtain 500 Orbs of the Bolt Dragon and his new, special Turbo Skill Skin!

Bolt Dragon

He's fast, he's mischievous, and he certainly hasn't got the time to be waiting around for lazy Dragon Masters! The Bolt Dragon's discovery led to the Speed being unleashed across the Dragonverse. Now, all you have to do is catch him!

Turbo Skill Skin

By simply owning this Skin, your dragon will receive the Turbo Shock Skill, which deals multiple hits (between 9 and 11!) for its Electric attack.

Please restart your game for this to take effect.