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The Spikes

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The Spikes

Over time, the Spikes have gained the respect of some of the most powerful dragon families in the Dragonverse.

Why, you may ask? It’s because when attacked, Spiked dragons will defend hard!

Famous for the razor-sharp spikes that forged their family name, the Spiked dragons certainly aroused the interest of others, especially the Titans! Plenty of them are eager to get a piece of the action and add spikes to their own defensive shields. But for now, the Spiked dragons remain one-of-a-kind with their unique damaging defense strategy.

Meet the Spikes and give their unique skill a go on the battlefield!


This new dragon family possesses a unique skill: Impaling Shelter.

Spiked dragons can deploy a spiky shield to protect themselves from an attack while dealing damage to their opponent.

The shield remains active until the opponent attacks the Spiked dragon. A portion of the damage that would be inflicted upon the Spiked dragon is reflected back onto the enemy instead.

The Impaling Shelter Skill can be activated at any time (not including when the skill has a cooldown) and will remain on the battlefield even if the Spiked dragon is switched out.

Remember, there are four (4) Spiked dragons to collect! Reunite all four members of this family during the upcoming months to obtain the 5th Mythical Spiked dragon for FREE!

Don’t forget to update your Dragon City game to the latest version available in your Official App Store so that the Spikes can enter your City and their special Skill Skin to be used.