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Upcoming events: April 2024

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Upcoming events: April 2024

Spring has sprung, bringing a colorful touch to the Dragonverse, but the rain has also started!

A big monsoon is approaching the islands of Dragon City, meaning a flood could be on its way… Will our dragons be able to escape?

Find it out in the upcoming events of April!

28 March - 8 April: Spring Treasures Maze Island

29 March - 3 April: Spring Treasures Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Chargechick Dragon

3 April - 7 April: Spring Treasures Runner Island

New Dragon: Daffodrill Dragon

8 April - 13 April: Marauder Monsoon Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Maroarder Dragon

8 April - 15 April: Marauder Monsoon Grid Island

New Dragon: Pitcher Plant Dragon

13 April - 17 April: Marauder Monsoon Runner Island

New Dragon: Monsoon Dragon

15 April - 18 April: Marauder Monsoon Maze Island

18 April - 29 April: High Flyers Heroic Race

New Dragon: High Flying Dragon

20 April - 23 April: High Flyers Fog Island

New Dragon: Palm Tree Dragon

24 April - 28 April: High Flyers Maze Island

29 April - 2 May: Piñata Pursuit Tower Island

New Dragon: Piñattack Dragon

DISCLAIMER: Events and releases can be subject to last-minute changes. Always refer to the in-game news pop-up for the final information.