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Upcoming events: August 2023

Upcoming events: August 2023

Dragon Masters,

August comes with something special! In addition to the monthly Heroic Race, we are introducing a special Heroic Race, or… ‘Heroic Marathon’! Race through this long-distance event to get your hands on the High Occult Titan Dragon and lots of his orbs to Empower him, plus plenty more rewards!

Don’t worry, more details will be shared soon! For now, it’s time to focus on all of the upcoming events for this month! ;)

27 July - 7 August: Fruits of Nature Maze island

New Dragon: DragiFruit Dragon

28 July - 2 August: Fruits of Nature Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Pineappower Dragon

2 August - 12 August: Heroic Marathon

Featured Dragon: High Occult Titan Dragon

7 August - 14 August: Road to Happiness Grid Island

New Dragon: Seratonic Dragon

12 August - 16 August: Road to Happiness Runner Island

New Dragon: Midnight Dragon

14 August - 17 August: Road to Happiness Maze Island

Featured Dragon: Rebelle Dragon

17 August - 28 August: Call of the Siren Heroic Race

New Dragon: High Siren Dragon

19 August - 22 August: Call of the Siren Fog Island

New Dragon: Odysseus Dragon

23 August - 27 August: Call of the Siren Maze Island

Featured Dragon: 4Eva Dragon

28 August - 31 August: Masked Fighters Tower Island

New Dragon: El Tiro Titanium Dragon

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DISCLAIMER: Events and releases can be subject to last-minute changes. Always refer to the in-game news for the final information.