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Upcoming events: December 2023

Upcoming events: December 2023

It’s never too early to get into the holiday mood, and our dragons totally agree!

While everyone’s getting into the festive vibes, a remote town in the Dragonverse could do with your help! Being isolated for so long has meant that its inhabitants have lost all the holiday spirit, and some strange events appear to be taking place…

Your mission this month, if you choose to accept, is to bring back the much-loved festivities to Snowglobia!

You’ll have time to figure everything out, but first, take a look at the Calendar of events and remember to save the dates!

30 November - 11 December: Burned Bridges Heroic Race

New Dragon: High Ashwing Dragon

2 December - 5 December: Burned Bridges Fog Island

New Dragon: Overgrowth Dragon

6 December - 10 December: Burned Bridges Maze Island

11 December - 14 December: Saving Snowglobia (Part 1) Tower Island

New Dragon: Globalia Dragon

14 December - 25 December: Saving Snowglobia (Part 1) Maze Island

15 December - 20 December: Saving Snowglobia (Part 1) Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Halo Dragon

20 December - 30 December: Heroic Marathon

Featured Dragon: High Corrupted Time Dragon

25 December - 1 January: Saving Snowglobia (Part 2) Grid Island

New Dragon: Globalio Dragon

30 December - 3 January: Saving Snowglobia (Part 2) Runner Island

New Dragon: Impostor Dragon

1 January - 4 January: Saving Snowglobia (Part 2) Maze Island

DISCLAIMER: Events and releases can be subject to last-minute changes. Always refer to the in-game news pop-up for the final information.

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