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Upcoming events: July 2023

Summer is upon us, Dragon Masters!

Are you having a hard time surviving the sweltering heat? Even walking across the sand into the fresh ocean waters can seem like a chore!

Say no more; head to your Dragon City and discover a brand new set of adventures ready to transport you far away and cool you down…

3 July - 8 July: Forge of Freedom Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Utopia Dragon

3 July - 10 July: Forge of Freedom Grid Island

New Dragon: Dreamland Dragon

8 July - 12 July: Forge of Freedom Runner Island

New Dragon: Culture Dragon

10 July - 13 July: Forge of Freedom Maze Island

New Dragon: Wealth Dragon

13 July - 10 August: Divine Pass - Season 8: Death’s Door

New Dragon: Arcana Death Dragon

13 July - 24 July: Scaly Journey Heroic Race

New Dragon: High Scale Dragon

15 July - 18 July: Scaly Journey Fog Island

New Dragon: Abracadabra Dragon

19 July - 23 July: Scaly Journey Maze Island

New Dragon: Alakazam Dragon

24 July - 27 July: Fruits of Nature Tower Island

New Dragon: WaterMelee Dragon

27 July - 7 August: Fruits of Nature Maze island

New Dragon: DragiFruit Dragon

28 July - 2 August: Fruits of Nature Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Pineappower Dragon

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