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Upcoming events: May 2024

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Upcoming Events: May 2024

We’re entering one of Dragon City's most important times of the year: the month that marks the Dragonverse’s 12th Birthday!

Celebrations will kick off during the second half of the month, and rest assured, we’ve got lots of special surprises in store for you…but not everything can be revealed just yet! 😏

Among them, we’ll introduce some changes to the cycle of Event Islands.

Starting on May 23rd, Event Islands will have a shorter duration while being part of a larger collection. Event Islands will reward you with existing Legendary dragons as well as special items; by collecting these special items from multiple Islands, you’ll be able to obtain a brand-new dragon!

If you haven’t got your head around it just yet, don’t worry; you’ll soon get the full picture!

29 April - 2 May: Piñata Pursuit Tower Island

New Dragon: Piñattack Dragon

2 May - 13 May: Piñata Pursuit Maze Island

3 May - 8 May: Piñata Pursuit Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Perfect Aim Dragon

8 May - 18 May: Heroic Marathon

Featured Dragon: High Master Karma Dragon

13 May - 20 May: Save the Beasts Grid Island

New Dragon: Honeybee Dragon

18 May - 22 May: Save the Beasts Runner Island

New Dragon: Beekeeper Dragon

20 May - 23 May: Save the Beasts Maze Island

23 May - 30 May: Dinodon’s Adventure

Collection Dragon: Dinodon Dragon

  • 23 May - 27 May: Maze Island

  • 27 May - 30 May: Tower Island

23 May - 3 June: Heroic Race

New Dragon: High Mayday Dragon

DISCLAIMER: Events and releases can be subject to last-minute changes. Always refer to the in-game news pop-up for the final information.