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Upcoming events: November 2023

Upcoming Events: November 2023

November is upon us…and, as always, this month is full of action-packed events as well as lots of exciting news, but we won’t spoil those surprises just yet. What we can tell you is that it’s going to be a very busy month, so brace yourself for the adventures ahead!

Take a look at the line-up of events we have in store for you this November.

1 November - 5 November: Fallen Guild Maze Island

6 November - 9 November: Fall from Grace Tower Island

New Dragon: Duo-Delight Dragon

9 November - 20 November: Fall from Grace Maze Island

10 November - 15 November: Fall from Grace Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Downfall Dragon

15 November - 19 November: Fall from Grace Runner Island

New Dragon: Duo-Dance Dragon

20 November - 25 November: Dragon Royale Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Puppet Master Dragon

20 November - 27 November: Dragon Royale Grid Island

New Dragon: Duo-Demolish Dragon

25 November - 29 November: Dragon Royale Runner Island

New Dragon: Duo-Delusion Dragon

27 November - 30 November: Dragon Royale Maze Island

30 November - 11 December: Burned Bridges Heroic Race

New Dragon: High Ashwing Dragon

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