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Voodoo's Return Event

Dragons are going missing, blood-curdling screams can be heard in the distance, and the smell of fear is stronger than ever... This can only mean one thing, the vampiric voodoo shadows have returned!

From July 13th to August 10th, 2023, participate in the Voodoo’s Return event to earn amazing rewards, including a special Skill Skin for your High Voodoo Vampire Dragon!


Collect Voodoo Insignias to complete the Voodoo’s Return event. During the event, Voodoo Insignias can be found in:

  • The next Divine Pass; Arcana Season 8: Death’s Door - Arcana Death Dragon (July 13th - August 10th)

  • Official Dragon City Webstore

  • In-game Offers

  • Upon completing your Divine Pass, you'll find tons of extra missions and nodes to keep earning Divine Points, with which you will be able to claim even more Voodoo Insignias! Remember, there are more Insignias found along the Elite Pass!


While completing the Voodoo’s Return event you will get tons of rewards! These are the rewards waiting for you in each milestone:

  • Milestone 1 “Collect Voodoo Insignias” > Get this Voodoo Chest for a chance to earn Gems, Orbs of the High Voodoo Vampire Dragon, Food, Missing Dragon Rescue Keys, and Habitat Tokens;

  • Milestone 2 “Absorb the Vampiric power” > Get this Voodoo Chest for a chance to earn a High Voodoo Vampire Dragon Egg, Orbs of the High Voodoo Vampire Dragon, Orbs of Vampire dragons (some of the strongest in the Dragonverse!), Joker Orbs, and Food;

  • Milestone 3 “Try out the Blood Skill Skin!” > Get this Voodoo Chest to obtain 500 Orbs of the High Voodoo Vampire Dragon and his new special Skill Skin, the Blood Skill Skin!


Take your High Voodoo Vampire Dragon to the next level with the Blood Skill Skin! Get the Blood Skill Skin by completing the Voodoo's Return collection.

By simply owning this Skin, your dragon will deal boosted damage for his Leech Fang skill and Light attack!

Please restart your game for this to take effect.


You should try to obtain as many Voodoo Insignias as possible in order to claim the new Blood Skill Skin, so make sure to purchase your Divine and Elite Passes via the Dragon City Webstore to get extra rewards. By purchasing your Divine Pass via the Dragon City Webstore, you will receive 10 extra Voodoo Insignias! And if you purchase the Elite Pass via the Webstore, you will get 50 extra Voodoo Insignias and 40 extra Gems! Don’t miss out on this Web Exclusive!