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Wizards’ Hollow

A long time ago, Dragon City was home to 5 ancient, yet powerful Wizards who provided Dragon Masters with all kinds of helpful services.

No one had heard from them for years, until now… The ancient Wizards have returned to your Islands!

Venture deep into the Wizards’ Hollow and explore all of its rooms in this brand-new feature!

Four Magic Marbles are found within each room; inside you can find a variety of rewards. But beware, one Magic Marble in each room contains a crooked Wizard ready to steal all of the rewards you’ve accumulated so far, unless you choose to revive yourself.

There are 50 rooms in total to explore, and if you make it to the end of the Wizards’ Hollow, you’ll find some of the most powerful dragons in Dragon City for you to claim!

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to take on this new adventure?

Got some more doubts? Click here for more details about the Wizards’ Hollow.

Watch the Wizards' Hollow YouTube video here!