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Dragon City’s 11th Birthday

It’s May, Dragon Masters…and if you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know what this means; it’s Dragon City’s 11th Birthday, so stay tuned for tons of special surprises and a calendar full of exciting events!

It’s time for the countdown to begin, as there are only a few days to go until the celebrations officially start. Take note of all the juicy info, but remember that not everything we’ve got in store for you this month will be revealed here… There are also some surprises that can only be discovered by visiting your Dragon City throughout the birthday celebrations!

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

BIRTHDAY CALENDAR (May, 4th - May, 28th)

From May 4th until the 28th, visit Dragon City every day to claim a special reward from the May Calendar.

Additionally, you will receive a special Birthday gift the first time you log in during this period: make sure to claim it before May 28th!

11th BIRTHDAY COLLECTION (May, 4th - May, 29th)

Collect Birthday Gifts and Hampers found inside the upcoming Events Islands (Race de Mayo & Reborn Retold) and in Dragon TV to complete the special 11th Birthday Collection and earn yourself huge rewards, including exclusive Birthday decorations.

11th BIRTHDAY: DRAGON TV COLLECTION (May, 4th - May, 31st)

Turn on your Dragon TV every day to collect special items and complete the 11th Birthday: Dragon TV collection. You can obtain an Empowered High Reign Dragon, Perks, and many more rewards!

Collect Balloons every day of the week, and then reach the final video to collect Cameras on Saturdays and Piñatas on Sundays.

On weekends, you’ll also find a higher number of videos with a shorter cooldown period.

ARENAS SEASON 11: 11th BIRTHDAY (May, 18th - June, 1st)

Battle in this birthday Season of the Arenas to earn special Warrior’s Chests.

During this Season only, Warrior’s Chests claimed within the Master Arenas will reward you with guaranteed Orbs of a special VIP Dragon! Remember that we’ve still got plenty more in store for you.

A real birthday party comes with real surprises, so make sure to check the in-game news pop-ups and our official social media channels to find out what’s around the corner!