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DC: Elation Collection Maze

The next three Maze Islands come with a slightly new format, and you, Dragon Master, are invited to join us on this new adventure!

These Mazes don’t feature any new dragons but, instead, you’ll have a brand new chance of collecting Legendary Dragons that you might have missed in the past! (Check out the Calendar of Upcoming events for reference).

Additionally, in these three Maze Islands, you’ll be able to collect items for something else… Something that will reward you with a Mythical Dragon!

Let’s go through the juicy details together…😉


Collect Elation Crystals to complete the Elation Collection and easily obtain the Mythical Elation Dragon!

The further you progress, the more rewards you will receive, including Orbs of the Elation Dragon himself!

Elation Crystals can be found in the next three Maze Islands:

  • Road to Happiness Maze Island (August 14th - August 17th)

  • Call of the Siren Maze Island (August 23rd - August 27th)

  • Masked Fighters Island (August 31st - September 11th)

Now, all you have to do is try out these brand new Maze Islands and start collecting your Crystals for the Elation Collection!

We are looking forward to reading your thoughts on our social media 😊

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