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Upcoming events: October 2023

Upcoming events: October 2023

Fall is here, so what better time for your dragons to grab their knitted sweaters, sit around the fire all cozy in their Habitats, and recount tales of adventure that already seem like distant memories?

But the danger never strays too far… Sinister noises of footsteps and screams coming from the distance remind our dragons that it is October, after all…and the scariest night of the year is just around the corner.

Get yourselves ready, Dragon Masters, a new set of adventures is about to begin!

2 October - 5 October: House of Lords Tower Island

New Dragon: Duo-Disarm Dragon

5 October - 16 October: House of Lords Maze Island

6 October - 11 October: House of Lords Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Unfaethful Dragon

11 October - 15 October: House of Lords Runner Island

New Dragon: Duo-Demand Dragon

16 October - 21 October: Mecha Wars Puzzle Island

New Dragon: Mecha Mace Dragon

16 October - 23 October: Mecha Wars Grid Island

New Dragon: Duo-Dazzle Dragon

21 October - 25 October: Mecha Wars Runner Island

New Dragon: Duo-Damp Dragon

23 October - 26 October: Mecha Wars Maze Island

26 October - 6 November: Fallen Guild Heroic Island

New Dragon: High Nacrea Dragon

28 October - 31 October: Fallen Guild Fog Island

New Dragon: Duo-Dust Dragon

1 November - 5 November: Fallen Guild Maze Island

DISCLAIMER: Events and releases can be subject to last-minute changes. Always refer to the in-game news pop-up for the final information.

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